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Where to Download

You can download the tools and assets from our server here:

GUTS Tools and Assets (938mb ZIP file)
MD5 checksum: C0C719EAC39968D47A6670CCDDC78369

We have also split the package into a multi-part zip archive in case you have trouble downloading the single large package:

GUTS Tools and Assets (multi-part ZIP - part 1 of 5) - 200mb
MD5 checksum: 8BA9BFA551B8694BAB4D872DF2566C1A
GUTS Tools and Assets (multi-part ZIP - part 2 of 5) - 200mb
MD5 checksum: 615A385A85EC194BEE0C575F32F6D03B
GUTS Tools and Assets (multi-part ZIP - part 3 of 5) - 200mb
MD5 checksum: B86F689F3B816A746C521E50902E87AD
GUTS Tools and Assets (multi-part ZIP - part 4 of 5) - 200mb
MD5 checksum: 5D923AE3E3F572B2501960BF5E1E43D8
GUTS Tools and Assets (multi-part ZIP - part 5 of 5) - 138mb
MD5 checksum: 23385A1A2C107EFFB47A8ACD035343B8

Alternatively, you can use BitTorrent to download the zip archive:

GUTS Tools and Assets (18.9kb TORRENT file)
MD5 checksum: fa86ce9cb37aa98462d5580de509711b


This .ZIP includes raw media, assets, and tools which we hope will be useful to you when creating mods for Torchlight II. Below is a brief description of the resources you will find in this package.


For those of you looking to replace models and characters, you'll need our 3DSMax plugins. It should be noted that if you already have a means of generating Ogre mesh and animation files, you can continue to do so - we support that format. However, if you do not, you'll need ours. We also have some helpful additional tools that make it easier to do more interesting material settings directly in 3DSMax.

The plugins included are for 3DSMax 2009, which is the version we used for development.

The plugins are -

  • ExportOMD - this is the static model exporter - used for tileset pieces, and other non-animated objects, like most weapons.
  • ExportOSM - this is the skinned mesh exporter, for characters and animated props and weapons.
  • ExportOSA - this is the skinned ANIMATION exporter, which exports individual animation files.
  • OMTools - this is a tool plugin, which you can add to your tools list in 3DSMax and apply to individual material files. It adds a new rollout which allows you to set various material properties, or even to override the entire material script.

Add these to your 3DSMax plugins folder to enable them.

To use these plugins, you will also need the Ogre Command Line Tools, which these exporters will attempt to run at export time. We have included these tools in the package, you will simply need to place the OgreCommandLineTools folder in the root of your C: drive.


We're including a mesh viewer which can view and preview animations and models in Ogre format. A readme.txt file is included explaining the usage of this tool.

Note that you can also preview models and animations in GUTS, but this is a much quicker way to do it, especially with file association.


The MAX files for the player characters, several NPCS, all of their animations, and some wardrobe examples are all included.

We have also included several monster files and animation sets.

Weapons for each weapon type and a shield are also included.

We include the raw assets for two full tilesets, which will hopefully make the task of creating a new one (or modifying these) much easier. We should stress that using the existing tilesets, you can make entirely new levels by mix and matching without ever having to open 3DSMax, if you desire.

We are also including all of the raw UI assets we use to generate our UI texture sheets.

NOTE - IF YOU WANT TO ADD NEW TEXTURES TO THE UI, WE RECOMMEND CREATING UNIQUE TEXTURE SHEETS! Creating unique texture sheets will help prevent mod conflicts. When generating texture sheets, unique names are required to prevent collisions. If you want to just replace a texture that currently is being used then you will want to regenerate the texture sheets containing that image.

The included textures will also make it possible for you to prevent naming conflicts.

When you are using the GUTS Texture Sheet generator, you'll need to change the configuration for each bundle of textures to point to the matching folder (and the output folder to point to your mod's texture sheet folder ) so that they can be properly generated.

If you have any questions - please ask away in our forums and we'll do our best to give you a leg up.

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