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Welcome to the Torchlight II GUTS Wiki
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GUTS is Runic Games' in-house development tool for Torchlight II. Using GUTS, you can modify almost everything about the game, from item and skill balance, to level layouts, animations, quests, and much more.

How to use GUTS

We have prepared several Tutorials on the basics of how to use GUTS. Getting Started will show you how to install and launch the editor, and Creating a Mod is a great place to start learning how GUTS works.

GUTS Documentation

We have also provided documentation for the various forms, fields and data that you can interact with in GUTS. For example, you can look up information about how a level is built or see the various Item properties.

GUTS Tools and Assets

We have put together a collection of tools and assets to help you with mod and asset creation. To download this package or view details about what it contains, take a look at the GUTS Tools and Assets documentation.

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You can also visit our official mod discussion forums to chat with your fellow mod developers, ask questions and show off your creations! If you need technical support, you can visit our official support site or by sending an email to

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