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Alias Editor

1. Getting started

The 'Alias Editor' is a tool that allows you to swap out room pieces from one tile set with another. This is especially useful when you have built out an entire dungeon and want to just swap out the pieces with a similar tile set instead of having to remake the entire dungeon. To access the 'Alias Editor', you are first going to have to open up the 'Tile Set and Room Piece Editor' window like so:

Guts ae 01.jpg

The 'Alias Editor' window looks like this:

Guts ae 02.jpg

To create a new alias, click on the green plus button in the top left of the window and name it. If you want to remove one, click the blue minus next to it. Once an alias set has been created, click on the green plus button in the middle column under "Room Pieces" to add your first alias rule. The right two columns of the window are where you select what piece you want to turn into what other piece. The drop down menus at the top of these two columns are where you select which tile set the two pieces belong to. One you've selected a piece in both the 'This Piece Turns Into...' column and the '...This Piece' column, you will see that the middle column room piece's name will have changed to reflect your choices.

Once you have completed setting up your alias to swap room pieces, you can select the 'Light Meshes', 'Units', and 'Layouts' tabs in the middle column to alias out those pieces exactly the same way if your alias needs call for it.

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