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This tutorial will cover the basics of how to add Lights to a level or prop layout. It will assume you already have a fundamental understanding of how to navigate and use the GUTS editor.


Completed "Lighting a Layout" Level Set Up

Initial Set Up

  • Create/Load a level with an area to be illuminated by lights.
  • Turn Show Helpers on ( Ctrl + H ) to make the Light Objects that will be created visible in the editor.
  • Click the Lighting Toggle button Light Button Icon to turn on lighting.
  • Turn the Player Light off ( Ctrl + 8 ) to make it easier to see the lighting.
    Don't forgot to turn the Player Light back on when playing in the editor to see how the final lighting will look.

Add Necessary Objects

Right-click on an empty space in the Layout Scene Manager and add the following object:

  • Building Blocks > Light

Move Objects

  • Move the Light to the area that should be illuminated.
    Lights extend vertically in both directions infinitely, and are not blocked by any objects, so their Y position does not matter.

Change Properties

Select the Light and change the following properties in the Properties Window:

  • "Filter" to "/media/lights/catacombs/".
    This filters the "File" list to only display lights for the selected folder.
  • "File" to "/media/lights/catacombs/catacombs_gradient_03.mesh".
    This determines the shape and color of the light.
  • "Scale X" and "Scale Z" to 4.
    This is the size of the light.
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